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Universal Auto Kit

Auto Kit 1

Available for installation to almost every Sliding Door track on the market to date including Fermod Rails. The DNA Universal Auto Kit comes as standard with a state of the art, single phase control panel and motor along with all of the necessary brackets and safety features to fit your sliding door.


Unlike other Automatic Kits for Sliding Doors our kit has no clutch. This means that if the power is off the door leaf can still be moved with ease. This removes a very common problem of other kits where you

must manually move the clutch while sliding the door which can be very hard and potentially dangerous.


With many other Automatic Kits there can be restrictions for space when it comes to the motor. With our Universal Kits the motor can be mounted at either end of the track or even above the track with no extra parts needed.


Usage: Suitable for continuous and intensive use.

We can also provide a comprehensive installation manual for you to install this kit on your own, whilst offering support to any point during your self-installation. Easy to install. Easy to operate. Easy to maintain.


Dimensions: Recommended to operate Sliding Door leaves up to 4 Metres wide and maximum door leaf weight of 350 kg.


Motor: The Motor can be fitted at either end of the rail or even upside down if there is no room at the end of the rail.


Automatic Control: Supplied with a programmable DNA Products automation unit. The unit is mounted on the wall next to the frame leg on the same side as the door.


Power: As standard the Power Supply is Single Phase 240V.


Opening/Closing Speed: Up to 2.0m/sec.


Control Equipment: 2 push-button panels with emergency stop (standard).


Safety: A set of Photocells are supplied for use vertically on the edge of the

door leaf. This prevents collision with objects within the opening. The motor

has a built-in emergency handle activated in case of power cut. Also available

with UPS battery back-up.


Running: The use of an Encoder removes the need for limit switches.


Standard operation: OPEN activated by user. CLOSE activated when time had elapsed on timer. This can be changed so that CLOSE can be activated by user.


Power Cut: In the event of a power cut all settings and limits will be recorded which means the door needs only a simple reference run (detailed in the manual) and the door will continue with all of the original settings. This will save greatly on the cost of call-outs in case of power cuts or the door needing to be switched off.


Furniture: All brackets are Stainless Steel for durability.

Auto Kit - Control Panel Auto Kit -Tension Pulley Auto Kit -Motor


Your Automatic Sliding Doors will optimise logistics, eliminate draughts and heat loss and will reduce dust and noise pollution as they will never be left open.


With a plethora of additional hardware the DNA Universal Auto Kit can be adapted to work in a particular environment.



•Push Buttons





•Pull Cords










•Remote Key Fobs





•Induction Loops

Auto Kit Manual Auto Kit - Radar Auto Kit - Pull Cord Switch Auto Kit - Push Buttons Auto Kit - Photocells Auto Kit - Key Fob Universal Auto Kit


The Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria created the earliest known automatic door in the 1st century AD during the era of Roman Egypt. The first foot-sensor-activated automatic door was made in China during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui

(r. 604–618), who had one installed for his royal library.

Quiet and smooth operation reduces wear and tear and noise pollution

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