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Steel Doors

Steel Doors

High quality, British made steel security doors.

Top quality steel doors, for wide ranging applications.


Double, single and leaf and a half, built from superior steel and perfectly finished with powder coating and your choice of hardware.


With considerations like Security, Protection, Temperature Control, Visibility, Acoustics and basic access we're sure we can provide a Steel Doorset to suit your needs.


Versatility is high on the list of what makes a steel door great. Our doorsets offer fantastic flexibility for application in a host of different situations and environments.

Your steel door, configured and built to order from your specification to your satisfaction.


If you look close enough, you will find a Steeldor that has it covered. From coldrooms to power stations, from retail units to hospitals, from offices to industrial units, one size may not fit all, but one range certainly serves all.


Climador has an exceptionally low U-Value of up to 1.4U and has been added to our Steel Door range to address the growing demand for thermally proficient, insulated steel doors.

Firedor has all the versatility and durability that you would expect from one of our Steel Doors, plus an impressive full four hour fire test assessment and rating.

Ideally suited for use on entrance doors, shop fronts, showrooms, reception areas and interior partitions, Glassdor adds light and style without compromising security or performance.


Acoustidor leads the way in noise control. With certified noise reduction from 41dB to 56dB, when it come to keeping sound in or noise out Acoustidor, acoustically rated steel doors, can be configured to meet your need.

When ultimate security is required, you can rely on the bullet resistant Ballistidor. Tested to provide maximum protection in life threatening situations, even usual weak spots such as seams, sills, closures and locks have undergone rigorous testing. The result is a door that will keep you safe, even in extreme circumstances.


Securidor are substantial door-sets that are ideally suited for use in banks, data centres and security sensitive military installations. They can be rated to PAS 24, RC2 or RC3. Designed and individually built to protect they can be specified with suitable hardware.

Designed for applications and industries where the risk of explosion is a critical consideration, Blastdor, explosion resistant steel door is an extremely heavy duty, external weather and gas tight door. The structure and composition of the doors can easily be customised and upgraded, depending on their operational environment.

These doors also serve as a barrier against the spread of explosive atmospheres and are highly effective for dividing hazardous zones. For internal or external use they can be combined with other properties including acoustic, burglar or fire ratings. ATEXdor is made to measure.


Designed to protect against noxious or hazardous gases, Gasdor is the air-tight solution for locations that are vulnerable to either gas seepage or the build up of gas. Storage areas, machine rooms, filler houses and unit air conditioners are examples of enclosed spaces that can typically be safeguarded by Gasdor.

The Louvidor range includes doors and panels and are the essential solution where security is critical and airflow is vital. Our high quality louvres are designed to protect and ventilate without compromising either function. High performing, our louvres will allow for up to 50% airflow through any given panel size.

Strongdor secured by steel is the registered trade mark of Strongdor Limited


The Atakdor uses a combination of door security technologies, such as Atakcore and Leafshield, to frustrate serious, sustained attacks from heavy duty and abrasive wheel power-tools and cutting equipment. These tough single and double door-sets are fitted with high security hardware as standard with optional drop bars to present a formidable barrier to would be intruders.

To find the Steel Door that best suits your needs please look through the list below: